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Probiotic Sprout Products in Clarkston, MI

Our probiotic sprout products in Clarkston, MI, are nutritionally and microbiologically tested by Merieux NutriSciences-Silliker, Inc. Lab, in Illinois, USA. We offer a variety of unique products based on broccoli sprouts. Additionally, we offer food consulting services. Learn more about probiotic sprout recipes that you will love and enjoy.

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#1    Probiotic sprouts-Salmon /whole wheat multigrain sandwich

#2   Probiotic sprouts-cream cheese- whole wheat multigrain sandwich

#3   Probiotic sprouts rolled in White egg topping

#4   Fresh tomatoes topped with probiotic sprouts with/without mozzarella

#5   Tomatoes soup topped with probiotic sprouts

#7   Hamburger/hot dog topped with probiotic sprouts

-Great as condiment on your hamburgers, sandwiches, crackers, other cream cheese dishes, salads, soups, salmon, chicken and more.

Fruit With Our Nutritional Products in Clarkston, MI Soup With Probiotic Sprouts in Clarkston, MI Cheese Seafood

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