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Clojjic Founder and CEO, Dr. Anne-Marie Kosi-Kupe’s Biography:

•Doctorate in Biology from Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) AACHEN University, Aachen/Germany.

RWTH-Aachen University, is the largest research oriented university of technology and one of the most renowned in Germany and Europe; chosen 2007 by DFG as one of nine German universities of Excellence.

•Master of Science in Microbiology; minors in Virology, Ecology, and Environmental Hygiene, RWTH Aachen/Germany

•Master of Science (equivalent) in Nutrition Science; Majors in Food Processing Science and Applied Nutrition Science, Giessen University/Germany

•Training in Immunohistochemistry and Gastrointestinal Cancerogenesis at the Department of Internal Medicine and Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI/USA


•Research Associate from 1992-2000 at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Institute of Hygiene and Toxicology, Karlsruhe/Germany; and at the department of Agriculture Central Laboratories in Ettelbruck/ Luxembourg.

Current several independent researches on metabolites profiling in collaboration with the Purdue University Bindley Bioscience Center, Metabolite Profiling and Flow Cytometry Core Facility in LaFayette/ Indiana/USA

Dr. Kupe is an innovative scientist with experience conducting research in biology, microbiology, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and nutrition.

Possess strong understanding of microbiological methodologies, morphology/physiology of microorganisms, applied microbial genes technology, food processing, laboratory management.

Recognized for high degree of professionalism and exemplary work ethic, and currently has one pending U.S. patent.


More than 10 years teaching experience in Microbiology, Cell Biology, General Biology, Human Anatomy/Physiology, Medical Parasitology/Mycology/Immunology and Pathophysiology at University of Michigan, Oakland University, University of Indianapolis, Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPU) and several colleges in Michigan and Indiana. Currently is Adjunct Faculty at IUPUC (Columbus) in the Division of Science.

Dr. Kupe is indeed an innovative professor with extensive experience leading undergraduate courses at various university settings. Possess strong understanding of  Life Science courses (see above list). Devise thorough and effective lesson plans to relay key information to students. Utilize excellent communication skills to deliver lectures in clear, concise manner. Valued leader recognized for solid work ethic, high degree of professionalism, and students training such as biological microscopy, physiology & cell Biology skills. Motivated. Energetic. Forward thinking.

Fluent in English, German, and French

Research Focus

Dr. Kupe has been extensively researching on broccoli florets and probiotics since 1991 as part of her PhD Thesis until up-to-date.

Since the discovery from John Hopkins University on the benefits of broccoli sprouts, her interest has intensively focused on broccoli sprouts. Her knowledge on sprouts benefits, her expertise in “Probiotic” specifically the lactic acid bacteria and microbiology in general, her knowledge in human anatomy/physiology, nutrition, food processing and other life sciences, have inspired her to develop an highly new quality “health products” that you  should  try.

Current and future research is on new metabolites discovery in collaboration with the Purdue University Bindley Bioscience Center, Metabolite Profiling and Flow Cytometry Core Facility in LaFayette, Indiana.

Why would you consider consuming “Probiotic Sprouts”?

About Sulforaphane & Probiotics:

Sulforaphane, a long-lasting anti-oxidant is a by-product in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts…

In vitro–research findings at Johns Hopkins University and others have shown that broccoli sprouts provide body with high amount of sulforaphane when digested in the gut. It improves and supports digestion health (against helicobacter pylori Gastritis, colon cancer), cardiovascular (inflammation & atherosclerosis), skin cancer (against UV-radiation), kidney, breast cancer, cholesterol and blood sugar level and is antimicrobial as well.

A SUPER HEALTHY FOOD! But raw, it gets spoiled quickly.

Clojjic has found a natural way and formula in which sulforaphane is available in the broccoli sprouts ready to consume. Taste, health benefits and increased probiotics (good bacteria in our gut, part of our healthy digestive system) are well preserved and improved. At the end, it is not a pill but real food that will sustain you for the day. And even better, as sprouts than florets, which means no larger amount will be needed.

Used as addition into any of your favorite meal such as salad, in sandwich or soup, and more.


Since 1991, Dr. Anne-Marie Kupe has researched extensively on broccoli and probiotics (Lactic acid bacteria), as well as has taught BioSciences in several US universities & colleges over 10 years. She will answer all your questions. Please feel free to contact her at 317-300-0858 or e-mail:

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