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Probiotic Sprouts in Clarkston, MI

Clojjic, LLC in Clarkston, MI, offers Probiotic Sprouts in Clarkston, MI, which are nutritional supplements derived from baby broccoli. Our nutritional products are rich in sulforaphane, live cultures, probiotics, and long-lasting antioxidants that help support your digestive system and strengthen your immune system.

10 Benefits of Clojjic’s Probiotics 

· You are sprouts lovers.

· You have an oingoing health-related issue that you would like to fix using good nutrition.

· You are taking probiotics tablets.

· You are looking for a good source of sulforaphane, a long-lasting anti-oxidant.

· You are looking for a natural, smarter way and best source of probiotics.

· You are may be looking for a product that combines both sulforaphane and probiotics in one.

· You have been thinking to start with a more healthier nutritional life style.

· You are looking for an free preservatives “health product”.

· You are curious and just want to try affordable new things.

· All of the above are applicable for you and may be you didn’t know a lot about “good nutrition” back then, but now you know.

What you eat and how much you eat are not the only factors you should consider for your nutritional needs. What is equally important is the form in which you take in your food.

About Sulforaphane & probiotics:

Sulforaphane, a long-lasting anti-oxidant is a by-product in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbages,…

In vitro –research findings at Johns Hopkins University and others have shown that broccoli sprouts provide body with high amount of sulforaphane when digested in the gut. It improves and supports digestion health (against helicobacter pylori Gastritis, colon cancer), cardiovascular (inflammation & atherosclerosis), skin cancer (against UV-radiation), kidney, breast cancer, cholesterole and blood sugar level and is antimicrobial as well.


But it gets spoiled quickly.

Clojjic has found a natural way and formula in which sulforaphane is available in the broccoli sprouts ready to consume. Taste, health benefits, and increased probiotics (good bacteria in our gut, part of our healthy digestive system) are well preserved and improved. At the end, it is not a pill but real food that will sustain you for the day. And even better, as probiotic sprouts than florets, which means no larger amount will be needed.

Used as addition into any of your favorite health food meal such as salad, in sandwich or soup, and more.


Since 1991, Dr. Anne-Marie Kupe has researched extensively on broccoli and probiotics (Lactic acid bacteria), as well as has taught BioSciences in several US universities & colleges over 17 years. She will answer all your questions. Please feel free to contact her at  (317) 762-3450